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Perry Turnbull
(877) 707-9667 Ext. 101

Perry Turnbull

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Perry is a seasoned executive with experience in the education, finance, and corporate governance & compliance industries.  He has had both startup and entrepreneurial experiences, as well as been employed by large multi-national enterprises, both in the public and private sectors.  

Current and past roles include president & chief marketing officer, president & chief executive officer, vice president & chief marketing officer, national sales manager, director of sales, and director of accounts receivable. 

Beyond his work life, Perry enjoys spending his spare time with his family and serving in his community and in his church.  He enjoys history and regularly participates in half-marathon runs that contribute to causes associated with his interests and concerns. 

While a championship continues to escape him, Perry faithfully competes in his family ESPN fantasy football league honing his skills for his inevitable breakaway season.