your school needs a modern, mobile solution.

Over 80% of smartphone users, especially students, prefer using a mobile app for school activities. This makes mobile communications and services a valuable tool for education. Of course, it won’t do much good if you don’t know how to implement it into your school!

That’s where Swoop comes in. We can build, edit and publish a custom, branded mobile app, for an affordable price that’s Title 1 Funding eligible. Reach your students, parents and teachers quickly and directly, on a device they want to use.

The best part? We can build a demo app, for FREE. Let us show you what’s possible with a mobile app, and we promise, you’ll like what you see! Click here to get started, or read below about some of your app’s features.

“A mobile presence is necessary even before a web presence …Mobile apps are no longer an optional side item, they're now a must have main course.” Forbes.Com, 2018

Custom Design & Solutions

Your app should reflect your facility's colors and culture. Each of our apps is designed to be right for your school. Features, menu options and integrations are all designed to meet your school’s needs.

Existing services can often be integrated, allowing a seamless user experience right from the app.

If you’ve got a feature or design question, give us a call and we’ll connect you with our App Build Team to discuss the possibilities.

“Report Bullying” Tab

Most statistics state that around 21% of students are bullied. Our Report Bullying feature makes it easy for students and teachers to report bullying or harassment. Results are sent directly to school staff. Verbal, physical and cyber-bullying can all be reported quickly and effectively.

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Parent Teacher Conferencing

One of our most-requested features, in-app parent teacher conference scheduling is easy and effective! Parents can easily select a date and time, and long email chains are a thing of the past.

If you’d like to see this feature in your free demo app, just let us know when you sign up here!


Absence Reporting

Both parents and teachers are often frustrated with existing absence reporting options. Our Report Absence tab makes the process easier for parents, smoother for faculty and staff, and requires no paper!

Like all app options, the form can be customized to meet your school’s needs. Results are easily viewed from the app’s online dashboard, and can be emailed directly to a staff member if desired.

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Payments and Fundraising

It wouldn’t be school without fundraising! Both donation and payment options can be made available in-app. Sell spirit wear, instrument rentals, even collect tuition payments!

Worried about processing costs? Ask about our mobile Cash Discount solution, which can offset up to 90% of your transaction fees.

There’s More!

These are just some of the features available to your school, and we’d love to show you the rest! A good mobile app can increase parent engagement, streamline administrative tasks, and make the lives of everyone from your students to the principal easier. What’s not to like?

Check out the app screenshots below to see what’s possible, then give us a call or sign up for your free demo app!

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