Up To Seven Times More

Medical Practices Can Pay Up to Seven Times Than Other Businesses For Credit Card Transactions 

It seems like every day we meet with medical groups that are paying too much -- sometimes far too much -- for their credit card transactions.

lacking up-to-date payment In today's medical economy, credit card processing plays an expanded role in your profitability. Yet medical practices often pay more -- a lot more -- than other industries for this service.*

 Costs, However, Are Only Part Of The Issue  

It seems like every day we meet with medical groups that are lacking up-to-date payment security hardware and procedures, leaving their practice vulnerable to potential fraud chargebacks.  Some are even leaving their patients financial data at risk of potential security breaches.

Swoop Pay Can Help

Let the professionals at Swoop Pay provide you with a no obligation assessment of your current costs and security profile.  Chances are we can both save you money and reduce your risk of liability.   

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"I was completely unaware that we were overpaying for these services.  The extent of the cost savings was a real eye-opener."
- John Doe, MD, Location 

*Comparison based on data collected from medical practices during Swoop Pay sales calls 8/15-10/15/2017