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The Checklist

Easy Stuff We Will Ask You.

And if you are not sure of anything, give us a call and we'll help.

  • Company and DBA name

  • EIN/TIN (Employer Identification Number, Taxpayer Identification Number)

  • Address / Contact Information (DBA and if different Corporate, Mailing and Shipping)

  • Company History (Year established, length of current ownership)

  • Country of formation and primary operation

  • Does the company have the ability to issue bearer shares as an ownership stake? (If you don't know the answer is probably "no")

  • Sales history (Annual revenue, monthly card sales, average sales value, high sales value, number of high sales annually)

  • Is your product or service delivered at the time of sale or afterwards?

  • For seasonal operations, the months your are typically open

  • Description of your product/service

  • If applicable, your website address, "contact us" email address, customer service phone number

  • Card sales composition (% card present, % card not present, % internet)

  • Information about the principals of your firm with 25% or more ownership

    • Contact information (Home, business)

    • Role (% ownership, title, status as an authorized signer & responsible, exemption class)

    • ID verification (SS number or other ID)

  • Banking Information (Bank, routing & account number, tape ID if desired)

  • Cards you wish to accept (You choose from list)

  • Your industry category (You choose from list)

  • If you wish autobatch services (Do you want to be paid automatically everyday?)