Accepting payments via credit card is no longer optional.

You know this, your teachers and parents know it, and if your students are older than 12 they know it too!

The biggest issue most schools face when accepting credit card payments is the associated fees. There are monthly fees, transaction fees, batch fees, NDF fees—feeling confused yet? The good news is that at Swoop, we can set you up with clear, low rates, competitive with any other processor. If you’d like to save even more, however, keep reading!

The Cash Discount Solution

A cash discount program operates on a simple principle:

Reward Cash Payments, While Still Accepting Credit Cards.

A cash discount program allows your school to keep 100% of the sales price on all items. Unlike surcharge programs, It’s legal and vetted in all 50 states, and works both online and in-office. Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards can be accepted,* along with Google Pay and Apple Pay in most locations. At Swoop, we’ve partnered with one of the best cash discount providers in the industry to provide a top-notch solution.

*American Express cards are also accepted, however they incur a small fee from Amex, around .0015%. PIN debit transactions are not accepted under a cash discount program.

How it Works

Each credit card sale has certain fees put in place by banks and the relevant card company (Visa, for example). With a cash discount program, customers have the option to pay a small service charge, to cover these fees. If they choose to use cash, the service charge is revoked (and they receive the “cash discount”). And… that’s pretty much it!

3.95 Percent.png

A small Service Charge is added to each transaction.

Dejavoo Z8.png

The service charge is automatically calculated at check-out.

(The service charge is displayed clearly on the receipt.)

If the customer pays cash, the service charge is revoked automatically.

No Fees.png

If the customer pays with a card, the service charge covers all transaction fees. You pay nothing.


Your only cost is a flat monthly fee.

Our cash discount program is already in use by schools and similar organizations (our local Catholic Community Choir is one example). We can provide a terminal for on-site payments, mobile solutions, and integrated gateways for online payments.


Our cash discount program can also be used through a payment gateway (software that acts as a virtual terminal). This allows payments to be taken on your phone, tablet or laptop. Sell spirit wear at the next big game, donuts at your Fall fundraiser, or equipment rentals when students are registering. Physical mobile terminals are also available if preferred.

Payment gateways also work with our school mobile app service! Integrate a school store into your custom, branded mobile app, and sell anything from graduation gowns to school supplies, all via your mobile app.


Like what you’ve read so far? Give us a call to learn more, or download our Cash Discount Guide below to review at your leisure. Chat with you soon!