Mobile App Purchases: We’ve Added Fax Notification Support!

For many of our mobile app clients, the ability to sell through their custom branded app is what first attracted them to us in the first place. Our Mobile Food Solution module has made this possible for our restaurant and QSR customers. Of course, being able to quickly receive said orders is vital, especially in the food industry!

Since we first started offering mobile app services, our clients have been able to receive orders via email and SMS messages. For clients with Google Cloud Print-capable machines, they’ve seen orders come in through their printer or all-in-one device.

We’re very excited to announce a new order notification option: fax messages. While fax messages are an older technology, they’re still in use in many small businesses, and are often already set up to receive orders from aggregators such as GrubHub. Now, orders from YOUR custom branded mobile app can also come directly to your fax machine: we just need your fax number!

Swoop looks forward to implementing this solution where appropriate, while still offering support for more modern order solutions. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call! 877.707.9667