3 advantages of school in-app payment options

If your school is like most, you’re always selling something. A few possibilities include registration dues, trip fees, yearbook sales, tuition payments at private schools, branded school gear (go, sports team!), sports equipment sales or rentals, and of course fundraisers! One of the challenges of any school is making it easy for people to pay, buy or donate.

What if you could accept payments through a mobile school app? Let’s discuss three advantages to in-app payments, and why more and more schools are using this solution.

Robust Mobile Store

Our school app services include school stores, that can sell everything from sports gear to cafeteria lunches. (Really, you can sell anything in-app!) If you’re short on space, using a mobile store could even remove the need for a physical store: all purchases could be made in-app. Rent out equipment, collect tuition payments, it’s up to you.

Painless Notifications

Notifying students or parents of upcoming costs is a breeze with a school app: just send a friendly push notification. Use scheduled notifications to remind parents to buy tickets for the school play. Message students when your school hoodies are 20% off. If you’re fundraising, why not let people know when you’re close to meeting your goal?

Increased Security

If you’re currently accepting credit card payments via telephone calls (or worse, paper forms), it’s time to upgrade. By using in-app payments, both you and your app users are using an encrypted connection to share sensitive data. Our services include PCI compliance, so you’ll be using the same protection organizations like Blackboard, Amazon and McDonald’s use.

Reaching People Where They Are For good or ill, mobile devices are here to stay. Over 90% of your students or parents own smartphones, and check them frequently (heck, there’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your smartphone). By accepting mobile payments, you reach your users where they already are. What's not to love?