Online Ordering with Swoop App

A recent update to Swoop's mobile app solution now lets merchants give instant access to the mobile app through any mobile browser, on any mobile device, with no download required. In effect, this allows online ordering without any download required. Customers simply visit a merchant's existing website, click on the link (provided by Swoop), and experience the full app in their browser. Customers who click the link from a desktop or laptop browser will be shown a promo site for the app, allowing them to download it in their mobile device's app store.

Key here is the ability for merchants to replace expensive services like BeyondMenu with a simple, well-designed app experience. Consumers expect mobile ordering options, and this new app feature helps by:

  1. giving merchants a better online ordering option with a higher profit margin
  2. driving new and existing clients to the app
  3. giving customers who like online ordering, but don't want to install an app, an easy middle ground

Mobile ordering is here to stay, and Swoop's mobile ordering solutions means no small business has to be left behind in the 20th century.