Mobile App Purchases: We’ve Added Fax Notification Support!

For many of our mobile app clients, the ability to sell through their custom branded app is what first attracted them to us in the first place. Our Mobile Food Solution module has made this possible for our restaurant and QSR customers. Of course, being able to quickly receive said orders is vital, especially in the food industry!

Since we first started offering mobile app services, our clients have been able to receive orders via email and SMS messages. For clients with Google Cloud Print-capable machines, they’ve seen orders come in through their printer or all-in-one device.

We’re very excited to announce a new order notification option: fax messages. While fax messages are an older technology, they’re still in use in many small businesses, and are often already set up to receive orders from aggregators such as GrubHub. Now, orders from YOUR custom branded mobile app can also come directly to your fax machine: we just need your fax number!

Swoop looks forward to implementing this solution where appropriate, while still offering support for more modern order solutions. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call! 877.707.9667

Using a Cash Discount Program for Mobile and Online Payments

When describing our mobile app solution, one of the services we’ll mention is the cash discount program. We’ve described it before, but here’s a quick summary:

Our cash discount program allows you to accept credit cards without paying transaction fees. When one of your customers pays with a credit card, they will pay a small service charge that covers all transaction costs. Your cost is a flat monthly rate (usually $100 or less). Applying for a cash discount program is similar to applying for traditional credit card processing: some information about your business, a few signatures, and supporting documents.

Let’s look at how a cash discount program could be used in a mobile app, and on your website for online ordering. No rocket science here—unless you’re selling rockets, or course.

Mobile Payments

Payment processing is connected to our client’s mobile apps using a “gateway.” This is simply a piece of software that connects to the app, and securely collects the information needed to accept a payment. Gateways are used by virtually every online business: Amazon, eBay, even your utility companies. There’s no added cost for this: it’s included in the cash discount monthly fee. When building your app, we enroll and set up your gateway for you.

Let’s use Stacey’s Pizzas* as an example. Stacey has a small pizza shop, and Swoop has built a branded mobile app for her business. She sells lunch and dinner orders through her app. During setup, she decided to use our cash discount program.

When Stacey’s customers check out on her app, they’ll see a screen similar to this one:

Cash Discount In App Example1.jpg

See the “Service Charge” field? That’s where the service charged has been automatically calculated and applied for the order. If Staceys’ customer selects to pay with cash, the charge is automatically dropped. Either way, Stacey keeps 100% of her profits.

Staceys’ costs remain the same each month: a flat rate for the app, and a flat cash discount rate.

If your organization is selling a different kind of product or service—sport league memberships, for example—your customers or members can still order in-app, and the checkout will have a similar look.

Seems straightforward, right? If you think this is the payment solution for you, give us a call to learn more.

Online Ordering

What about selling products or services on a website? The answer’s a little more complicated, depending on what you’re selling. In Stacey’s case, since she’s using our mobile app service, she’s got automatic access to her online menu via our food solution service; Stacey can simply add a link from her website to her online menu. When her customers checkout, this is what they’ll see:

Cash Discount Online Example1.jpg

The service charge is easily seen, and her customers are notified well in advance of payment.

What if you’re not selling food? This is where it’s a little trickier. If you don’t yet have an online shopping cart service, there are a few we can suggest:

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento

  • Tomato Cart

  • OpenCart

  • Zen-Cart

  • aMember Pro

If you’re using a different shopping cart solution, we may be able to give you the API keys you’ll need to connect a cash discount gateway to your service. (Ask your website administrator or IT team what API keys are.) Not all shopping cart solutions allow third-party gateways, however, so it’s always wise to check with us first. We’re happy to hop on a call with you or the person who manages your website to see what’s possible.

What if (horror of horrors) you don’t have a website?! We can help! We’ve got a great digital marketing and website design team, who’d be happy to discuss your organizations’ needs. Email or call us and we’ll get you set up. If you think your website just needs a face-lift, we can do that too.

Third Option

Some of our clients need another option: accepting payments on-the-go from their phone or a mobile terminal. This one’s easy: we can set up a PayHub + gateway for you (at no added cost) that allows you to accept payments right from your smartphone, via the PayHub app. If you think this would fit your needs, call and ask about accepting payments from your phone. We’re always happy to help. Alternately, we can set you up with a mobile terminal: a physical unit that will accept payments. Receipts are emailed or sent via text to your customers. Both the PayHub app and a physical mobile terminal are great solutions.

Still not sure what you need? We’ll say it again: give us a call, or email us at We look forward to chatting!

*Name of business has been changed for privacy reasons.