Reinventing An Industry


The POS Payment industry is undergoing a period of rapid technology-driven change.  

That's not just our opinion.  It's what the global management consulting firm McKinsey + Company concluded in their recent state of the industry report.

We believe the POS sales process needs to change as well.  


Focused On What Matters To Our Clients


We know what's most important to business owners and managers: business results.

And we focus on just that -- helping our clients fully tap into the capabilities of today's payment processing systems.  Helping them to find opportunities for growth, to make their employees more effective, to better cross-sell, up-sell, and to deliver superior customer experiences.  

A Simple Mission

Sales Meeting Restaurant.jpg

At Swoop Business Solutions, Our Mission Is To Help Make Our Clients' Businesses More Profitable.

We are committed to delivering the best prices to our clients.  But we have created the the Swoop business from the ground up in order to build long-term durable client relationships based on the added value we provide.

We believe this client focused mission is also best way to deliver long term value for our sales staff, our vendors and our business itself. 


The Swoop Business Solutions Team 


Headquartered in Delaware, Swoop brings decades of experience in payment processing to our clients.  

But that is only part of the story 

We are business people too. We see things from the perspective of our clients. We did our first start up in high school, we were running businesses in college and along the way have managed everything from sole proprietorships to global business divisions.  

We've helped hundreds of start ups get off the ground and thousands of small businesses to grow.    

We offer best-in-class products and services.  We hire Sales Associates who know our systems inside and out, and reward them for not just for making sales, but for exceeding your expectations.

Over time we expect others to copy our model, but for now we are pretty unique.